Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Red Dwarf

Growing up, on Sunday afternoons with nothing to watch on TV, I'd idly flick the channels and always seemed to come across this show about British people in space. I had a burning curiosity as to why one of them had an "H" on his forehead so I'd stick around for a bit, hoping it would come up. I could never understand what anyone was saying, so I'd give up, annoyed and un-entertained.

Then I guess my ears developed or something, and it was the time of year for the PBS "Red Dwarf" marathon, as I then realized it was called, and I fell in love with it. I figured out that Rimmer was dead and a total smeg-head and that I had this burning need to watch all of them one after another for an entire weekend. The next year I waited in anticipation, blank VHS tapes at the ready, and a chocolate bunny and some peanut butter by my side (the marathons were always around Easter it seems).

Now Will and I are borrowing the DVD collection from our local rental place and burning them, woohoo! Soon I will have all my Red Dwarf at my side again and NOT on disintegrating VCR tapes! It's dang exciting.

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