Friday, April 13, 2007

Things I Hate

It's going to be about things I hate around here for a while. Just in that kind of mood.

I fucking hate housework. It's a never-ending abyss of exhaustion and ennui. You do the dishes, you make yourself a sandwich and you've also made yourself some more fucking dishes.

How can I have so much laundry for someone who has almost nothing ever to wear? I mean, hell, if I'm going to have to do so much fucking laundry, I might as well have nice things to wash - but it's all just blah t-shirts and sweaters with some grey or brown fucking pants. Garhg.

Papers. Papers fuck on my floor to make new papers - these baby papers, these little tiny scraps of grocery lists and whatnot are too big to vacuum up but too fucking annoying to pick up by hand, which is what I end up doing anyway since I want the infestation to stop. Paper is more fertile than mice, people.

I think that's enough for now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i totally agree, wot about cleaning the toilet u get it all nice n clean n shiney like i like it(nothin worse than goin t a friends or public bog with shit n pubes on it, bluuuuggg!!!!) then the man comes in with his big fat ass n dirtys it then leaves it 4 the woman t clean!also washin n towels y is it against all logic 4 men t pik them bac up n put them in the basket or on the radiator, heaven forbid we were t ask them t wash there own clothes!!! lazt annoyin fuka's!!! not only housewrk i also hate MEN!!!!!!!