Thursday, April 19, 2007


Will and I bought a Wii today and I could pee my pants in excitement! His old room-mate had one and it was sooo dang fun. I'm planning on having a thousand Wii hangouts involving junk food, beer and Wii.

We checked around a bunch of stores yesterday, and no dice. Some places practically laughed at us. So I made a "places to harass" list of phone numbers to call every day until I got one. And it worked like a charm! The second one on my list, the HMV in Mayfair said they had four. I asked if they would hold one for me? No. Even if I gave my credit card number? No. Would they have any left in an hour? Maybe. So, we ran out the door, caught the bus, quietly cursed everyone who got on or off the bus, including the pokiest bus driver in all eternity. I even called him a "cock-smoker" under my breath. We ran through the parking lot, quick-walked our way through teenagers and got to HMV out of breath. They had one left. We had gotten there in forty minutes and they had one left. WOOHOOO!

We had a celebratory lunch of New York Fries hotdogs and french fries. It was an excellent day.

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