Thursday, March 29, 2007

Demeter Perfume

When I was getting my last tattoo and discovering Glaxal Base (as discussed before) my friend Emily also told me about this perfume she wears that smells like a Gin and Tonic, made by the good people at Demeter. They make all kinds of crazy-ass scents and they were the people who released a Play-Doh perfume for its fiftieth anniversary. So, I wanted some dang weird-smelling perfume.

Me and my friend Steph searched around town for it only to find that no one in Victoria sells it. Perfume is really the kind of thing you want to smell and try on before buying it, because even if it smells nice in the bottle it could smell like fried ass on you. This was a conundrum.

I bit the bullet though, because I'm fiscally irresponsible and ordered some online off of I got the thoroughly safe "Orange Creamsicle" and today it finally arrived. It took like two bloody weeks and for some reason was put as "extremely urgent" packaging and cost approximately one trillion dollars for shipping. Well, not that much, but the actual shipping was more than the perfume. Snap.

I got home today and Will had already opened it and smelled it to see if he was allergic to it. It passed the William test. So I sprayed it on and now I smell like a delicious Orange Creamsicle, possibly one of the best inventions ever.

I smell like summer, and I will smell like this alllll summer. I'm almost set. I've got my summer nail polish and summer perfume. Now all I need is a summer lip gloss and mixed cd and we're fucking good to go.


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