Sunday, March 18, 2007


No, I'm not specifically posting on the letter G. It's all a coincidence, I swear

I was never particularly fond of flowers - they were always too frou-frou or stinky for me. The last year or so I've started to become fond of them, but they had to be bright and kind of silly. Delicate and feminine need not apply.

I'm addicted to one of my Nintendo DS games called "Animal Crossing". In it, you mainly pick fruit and sell it, pay off your mortgage, buy things to decorate your house, and write letters to your neighbours. It's a lot like real life except all your neighbours are cute animals, and you can decorate your house with things like hazmat barrels.

One of the things you can also decorate your house with is a pot of gerberas. When I got some, I opened them up and could see a group of pixels I thought were rather cute. So the next time I was at the grocery store I glanced through the piles of fluff to see if I could catch the name. There they were in all the happy-faced dorky glory! So happy! So dorky!

I had found my happy flower. These are the kind of planty-bits you buy yourself when you're having a shit-tacular day, or you just want a flower that says, "yep, I'm the prototypical flower shape from your childhood, the kind you drew in front of that prototypical house with that tree off to the right". Oh how I love the gerbera.

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