Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Painting Furniture

Will and I live in a white box. What with the relative poverty, all of my furniture was either bought at the Salvation Army, Zellers, or free by the dumpster. Or given to me. What this means though, is that it's almost all a hideous, dark brown veneer. Coupled with the white/cream box-walls the place is down-right dreary. So, we said, "fuck this noise" and went to Canadian Tire and got us a whack of painting supplies. Since we can't do anything about the walls, we sure as shit will do something about the furniture.

We've only done one piece so far since the weather hasn't really been very co-operative, and it looks fucking AMAZING. We painted our shitty kitchen table Poppy Red and I can't stop staring at it. It's still outside on our patio and needs to have some weird bubbles/cracks sanded down and repainted but it looks glorious. I want to get an orange vase and put flowers in it every day forever. We have enough left over red paint that we're going to paint over the dark green of my dresser with the it, but keep its blue drawer fronts. The computer desk will be orange (Will is in the midst of spray painting his computer yellow) and the coffee/TV table is going to be a dark-ish lime green. It will be a rainbow in here, people!

So exciting and so damn fun. Putting colour on things has always made me smile, and painting furniture was one of the things I would do when having a nervous breakdown. It's nice that this time around I'm perfectly sane and incredibly happy.


Gorffy said...

happy colours are HAPPY!

Danelda said...

Truer words never spoken! :D

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