Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fountain Pens

I first introduced myself to fountain pens while roving for a stationery fix at either Monk's Office Supplies, or at a Grand & Toy. I later worked at a G & T, and no, I cannot tell you were the toys are because THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY A STATIONERY STORE.

There's disposable fountain pens, much like regular disposable pens, so I thought I would give one a whirl. They made me feel smarter, more artistic, and cooler than everyone else. Until it ran out. Then I needed more. MORE. MOOOORE!!! So I bought some more. And then I realized for what I was shilling out, I might as well just buy a damn non-disposable one.

My boyfriend at the time, a cellist and an all-round luddite, bought me one - a LAMY fountain pen in blue. I used it and loved it and we eventually broke up, but I kept the pen. The pen was a kind of annoying reminder of him so when I lost it I wasn't too upset.

Years later I somehow got the itch again, so away I went with my platonic friend dan and we both bought one. I got the clear LAMY, he got the brushed metal one. We got purty ink bottles too, and the cool little suction dealies that suck the ink right into the pen.

So, I have this pen. And I use it when I want to feel special. On special paper, writing such special things like grocery lists or all the wonderful things I want to get at London Drugs, or the mundane tasks to do at work. Because sometimes what you have to do is as get-out-sucky as it can be, but if you can list the shit sequentially on nice paper with a fancy-ass, fifty-dollar pen, maybe the day will suck less.


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