Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Garbage Sculpture

Long time ago when dan lived in Canada and I was going to school, we would take many lunches together during the week while he was working at The Martlet. I guess we're fiddly people, and all the garbage from our accumulated lunches would invariably turn into grotesque sculptures such as this:

As you can see, we named it Bernice, or Mr. Shrivelhead II, since we had already created something called Mr. Shrivelhead. We would do this. Everyday. Five days a week! It was ginormous amounts of fun and quite disgusting. We had to gingerly carry back that sculpture to the Martlet office so we could photograph it.

I don't seem to be doing much garbage sculpting anymore. I guess I'm not eating lunch with super-fiddly people anymore, but dammit, I should be! So, anyone out there who can't sit still, let's make a plan for some cafeteria food. Leave your shame and/or dignity at home.

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