Friday, March 30, 2007


Will and I went downtown today to get some paint thinner to remove the random red splotches of paint around our house. We passed by Roberta's Hats so we decided to pop in and see about some fun hat trying on. We noodled around a bit - we were the only people in there and there were three women working - how do they stay in business? I wandered into the kid's section to see these really cute bee hats - black and yellow striped with two antennae on the top. Sooo cute. And lo and behold, there was one that was ginormous! I tried it on and one of the ladies was all, "please don't try on those hats - they're for kids and you'll stretch them out.." but I showed her that it was a massive hat and I hadn't stretched it at all and that I was going to buy it. It was only twenty smackers, and that's a cheap price to pay to walk around looking like a dork in a bee hat.

We had to stop by Steph's work and harass her, natch, and she thought it was cute, so all was right in the world. It's mighty warm under it, what with it being a toque and all, so I'll only be wearing it on the chilliest of these hot summer days ahead. But man, I'm sooo prepared for winter now.